Replacement Parts

Re-Flow Oven Replacement Parts

We supply all replacement parts for Pyramax and Dynamo Re-flow Oven. If the parts that you need are not listed here, please give us a call or fill in the contact form we will check it out for you.

Part Number       Parts Description
5113156             PLNM ASSY 325C 5KW PAR87
5118008             BLWR MTR/WHEEL ASSY 325C

                           Brass Connector
5160643             FTG QD BRS PLUG .5 FPT
5160644            FTG QD BRS SKT .5 FPT

5161660            FLTR PLYSTR

                          Water Pressure Indicator    
5045363            FLMTR H2O .5-4 GPM .5FPT

5119756           Hose Nitrile Push-On .5ID Blue
5119757           Hose Nitrile Push-On .5ID Red

52000056        Block Assy BRG PL DRV/IDLR
5204363          CURT SI RL EXT 18″ VEST PY
5219202          H/A Heater Power NPT PY
5208732          K/E Retro Drive Motor Change

ELN-5181848    Intellimax 48 AIN

DF-E05            Electrolyte Solution