Measurement Instrument

We are representing some world’s leading brand in  Malaysia offering high precision and high qualities appearance, color, light, display,  photometry and radiometry measurement devices.

1.    Konica Minolta Sensing Singapore Pte. Ltd. in promoting, marketing and distributing Konica Minolta range of colors, lights and displays measurement instrument.

XTR Synergy CM5
XTR synergy
XTR Synergy

2.    GTI Graphic Technology Inc., USA in promoting, marketing and distributing its range of high quality multi-source visual color assessment lighting cabinet.

XTR Synergy Viewing System
Viewing System

3.    Rhopoint Instrument U.K in promoting, marketing and distributing its test equipment primarily focus towards appearance quality as well as PAINTLAB+ liquid coating testing instrument.

XTR Synergy
Gloss Meter

4.    Instrument System GmbH Germany in promoting and marketing its high precision, high accuracy color, radiometry and photometry measurement instrument.

These devices play an important role and used in many various industry such as in the  manufacturing (Food, Plastic, Paint, Pharmaceutical, Ink, Automotive, LEDs, Solid  State Lighting (SSL), Display, Textile, Printing etc.), Research and Development, Higher  Education, Institution, Regulatory Body etc. All the instrument and equipment are  designed and manufactured to conform to strict tolerance specified by current industry  standards.

These instruments will help you come closer with your customer requirement and ensure consistency.

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