Reflow Oven

Pyramax Convection Reflow Oven

Pyramax Reflow OvenPyramax™ systems provide optimized lead-free processing for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency. BTU’s exclusive closed loop convection control provides precise heating and cooling, programmable heat transfer, and reduced nitrogen consumption, adding up to the lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry.


Dynamo Convection Reflow Oven

Dynamo Convetion Reflow Oven Dynamo is the newest reflow oven platform designed specifically for processing consumer electronics. Dynamo’s simplified configuration delivers 24/7, with high uptime and reduced cost of ownership. With 8, 10, and 12 zone air or nitrogen models available. Backed by BTU’s unparalleled worldwide service and  applications team, Dynamo is a value- driven workhorse.


tFire™ – Touch Screen Firing

tFireBTU’s tFire™ Series furnaces are designed for in-line, thermal processing of touch screen manufacturing applications on glass substrates. Applications include conductor firing, curing sealing layers, heat treating dielectric coatings and other thermal processes at temperatures up to 600°C. In-line processing provides significant benefits over batch processing including reduced handling, scalable throughput and lower operating costs. Contact firing processes can benefit as much as 15x in cycle time reduction, reduce handling of the glass substrate by as much as 4x over batch processing and occupy 30% less floor space than competitive in-line equipment.

Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Solar CellSolar cell manufacturing requires several thermal processing steps. These processes include diffusion, drying, firing, annealing, deposition, and coating of the solar cell. The majority of PV generating capacity installed today is based on Silicon solar cells. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is a clean energy, carbon-free alternative gaining tremendous momentum especially in today’s energy market. Fossil fuels have negative impacts on our environment and the costs continue to rise. In this decade new technologies and increasing manufacturing scale have reduced the cost and increased the efficiency of PV technology.